Lulworth Cove

The attractive form of Lulworth Cove can be seen near the top of the print and below that, the Lulworth Crumple. At some point in the past a river would have punched a hole in the hard Portland Limestone that formed the cliffs. Once the sea could breach those rocks it quickly eroded the much softer rocks behind, widening the gap and creating the rounded cove. To the bottom right of the print are ammonites distinguished by their complex suture lines.

Image Size 42cm x 42cm

Edition 75

Giclee limited edition print on museum grade Hanemulle paper by PH Media.

PH Media has Art Sure accreditation along with membership of The Fine Art Trade Guild.

PH Media are one of only 30 fine art printers in the UK to hold this accreditation. Art Sure offers assurance to purchasers of limited editions and are produced to exacting standards set out by the guild. All editions produced under Art Sure are recorded by the Guild and carry a certificate of authenticity and registration.

These prints are an exclusive limited edition of 75 prints worldwide. They are printed on Museum grade paper using high quality inks to “ArtSure” standards set out by The Fine Art Trade Guild.

Prints are embossed with the artist’s signature and are supplied with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, recorded on the Fine Art Trade Guild database.  This gives the owner the assurance of provenance.