South by Southwest

2020 (ISBN 978-1-9995993-2-4)

South by Southwest portrays the stretch of coast from Ilfracombe in North Devon to St Margaret’s Bay in Kent, through the unique vision of landscape painter Jeremy Gardiner. In this latest series of paintings, created over the past five years, Gardiner demonstrates an acute sense of his place in history, and the history of place: the geology, maritime history and industrial heritage of this constantly evolving coast, a shoreline that has long held a fascination for British artists.

Gardiner’s points of reference range from 19th-century landscape painting to Shell posters, from the St Ives modernists to picture postcards. Each offers a key to a view, over which Gardiner layers his own memory of a place, accumulated through time, changing light and weather. Capturing the hidden structures and movement of landscape, as well as the detail of harbours, piers and lighthouses, his paintings are specific though never insular.

Alongside these paintings, four essays, examine the context and innovative approach of Gardiner’s recent work on panel and paper, rarely and enviably sensitive to the spirit of Britain’s southern coastline.

South by Southwest by Jeremy Gardiner

Previous Publications

Tintagel to Lulworth

2018 (ISBN 978-1-9995993-2-4)

A body of work exploring the coastline from Tintagel to Lulworth.

‘I have collected illustrated topographical travel guides from the pre-war years such as the Ward Lock red guides and Our Beautiful Homeland series.  Using these resources I am encountering new perspectives on coastal locations in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.’

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy Gardiner’s Port Quinn Hamlet and Cove recalls winter walks on this harsh North Cornwall coast – a white sky to the north beyond Kellan Head, the sea icy, the cold colours of the rocks in the cove, and the pallid wintry look of the sere grasses and bracken on the slopes of Doyden Head.

Christopher Somerville, Walking Correspondent, The Times

Tintagel to Lulworth

Drawn to the Coast

2018 (ISBN 978-0-9931746-6-7)

Full colour 104 page catalogue with reproductions of all 40 watercolour paintings featuring the coastal landscape of Devon, Dorset and Cornwall in the Southwest of England. Includes a comprehensive and informative essay by Andrew Lambirth describing how Gardiner produced this series of works on paper using watercolour with jesmonite and acrylic on handmade cotton rag paper.

Gardiner’s surfaces are fully animated and articulated first by drawing and then by the atmospherics of colour and texture. His is a highly creative use of line in conjunction with colour-area and stain and splash.

Andrew Lambirth

Drawn to the Coast BOOK new

Pillars of Light

2016 (ISBN 978-09931746-4-3)

Full colour 112 page catalogue with reproductions of all thirty-six paintings. Includes a comprehensive and informative essay by Professor Christiana Payne describing Gardiner’s perspective of the coastal lighthouses of Devon, Dorset and Cornwall in the Southwest of England.

These paintings are the product of a prolonged engagement with lighthouses and their histories, and with some of the most evocative of Britain’s coastal landscapes.
Christiana Payne, Art Historian.

We have a romantic view of lighthouses, and that stems from being a maritime nation but also stems from the architectural beauty of these fantastic feats of Victorian engineering. They were designed to withstand storms and gigantic waves.

Jeremy Gardiner

ISBN 978-09931746-4-3

PIllars of LIght book cover

Unfolding Landscape

2013 (ISBN 978-1-84822-100-0)

Providing a comprehensive assessment of Jeremy Gardiner’s career to date, this monograph, the first of its kind, explains how this distinctive artist has taken the exploratory landscape vision of mid-century St Ives modernists like Ben Nicholson, Peter Lanyon and John Tunnard into a new post-millennial era.

Gardiner’s unique geological interpretation of landscape not only describes the current lie of the land but portrays it as a complex outcome of natural processes over vast periods of time. While indebted to British and American Modernism, Gardiner’s new conceptual rigour and technical repertoire is informed by science, geomorphology, new technologies and direct physical engagement with ancient landscapes.

Following a distinguished international teaching career, based in Britain and the United States, Gardiner’s landscape subjects have included geographically varied locations from the Jurassic Coast in his native Dorset and the rugged Atlantic seaboard of Cornwall, to the jagged volcanic topographies of the Brazilian oceanic islands and the Lake District. Including essays from leading art writers, this book provides an insight into the career of one of Britain’s most innovative contemporary landscape artists.

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Unfolding Landscape book cover

Exploring the Elemental

2013 (ISBN 978-0-9558255-6-9)

A selection of work from the 1980’s, paintings and intaglio monoprints of Dorset and Cornwall.  Plus the ‘Waterfalls of the Lake District’ made while artist in residence at Nottingham University.

The exhibition begins with my early explorations of landscape.  In the early 1980’s I had become interested in Landsat imagery (photographs taken from satellites 570 miles up in space) and Nazca Indian line drawings.  These were to influence both the surface and form of those early paintings.

Jeremy Gardiner

Exploring the Elemental, by Jeremy Gardiner