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Jeremy Gardiner is represented in London by
The Nine British Art

The Irish Lady, Land’s End 40 x 60 cm

Jeremy’s work presents a different notion of the landscape, a much more contemporary updating of the work of the St Ives artists, and it looks at time and the landscape.

Simon Martin, Director, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

Gardiner’s distinctive laminar landscapes reveal their layered meanings only over time – this is not instant art, but art which discloses itself gradually.

Its richness matches the complexity of the world it seeks to evoke, and offers back an interpretation of it which is both personal and penetrating.

Andrew Lambirth

Aquamarine Sea, Mousehole 80 x 150 cm
Kingswear Castle and Flagstaff 75 x 140 cm

The moody spirit of England’s southern coast has always attracted sculptors, writers and artists. Now it has inspired the subtlest of chronicles in Jeremy Gardiner’s paintings, an unfolding narrative of the dynamic relationship between man and nature, sky, land and sea along the most diverse coastline in the world.

Christopher Somerville