Gardiner’s paintings do not simply show us what the eye sees, but give insights into what lies beneath the picture postcard images of our coastal landscape. They are also works of immense beauty with a lyrical use of colour and space.

Jo Baring

Turquoise Harbour, Lundy South Lighthouse by Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy’s work presents a different notion of the landscape, a much more contemporary updating of the work of the St Ives artists, and it looks at time and the landscape.

Simon Martin, Director, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

Gardiner’s distinctive laminar landscapes reveal their layered meanings only over time – this is not instant art, but art which discloses itself gradually.

Its richness matches the complexity of the world it seeks to evoke, and offers back an interpretation of it which is both personal and penetrating.

Andrew Lambirth

Coastal Connections, Durdle Door, ammonite
Jeremy Gardiner, retouching, 3D Map of Jurassic Coast

The traditional method for creating 3D landscape models is manually assembled plaster models. For the Jurassic Coast model I have employed a CNC computer numerically controlled milling machine.

A high resolution photomosaic of satellite imagery of the Devon and Dorset coast was supplied by Andy Ford of Bournemouth University. The data from this 300mm print was then painted onto the relief.

Jeremy Gardiner